Amir Landsman Supports SHARE

The Society for Hospital and Resources Exchange (SHARE) is a U.S. nonprofit organization that works hard to help African communities that have been devastated by poverty, AIDS and other life-threatening diseases. SHARE strives to save lives, improve the quality of life of children and adults and foster a sustainable future. SHARE is able to provide these critical services thanks to sponsors such as Amir Landsman, a New York businessman who founded a self-funded company to provides working capital to other businesses.

SHARE strives to carry out its mission through education, healthcare and economic sustainability. Toward that goal, they have founded a variety of projects and programs including the SHARE Orphan Sponsorship, SOS, an emergency medical services program, healthcare initiatives and the Women’s Empowerment program.

SHARE’s SOS program is designed to assist children orphaned by AIDS by providing schooling, social care, healthcare and boarding. The AIDS epidemic in Kenya has resulted in thousands of orphaned children and the number continues to rise. The program operates through the generosity of sponsors such as Amir Landsman.

As a part of their emergency medical services program, SHARE trains Kenyan medics basic and advanced pre-hospital care courses and advanced education for in-hospital care. The program is designed to assist Kenya in developing a coordinated emergency services system. This goal is accomplished through donations of medical equipment, supplies and educational material from U.S. emergency medical services agencies and product manufacturers.


SHARE also provides healthcare initiatives that include health and nutritional education, training and services in the Nyanza province. U.S. physicians and other healthcare workers provide their services, which are especially crucial considering there is only one doctor in Nyanza for every 100,000 people. Without SHARE’s initiatives, there would be little or no healthcare available in that region. One of SHARE’s initiatives involves raising enough funds to replace a causeway with a bridge in the Lake Area of Kenya. Because of the causeway, more than 70 percent of the children in that area had been infected with a water-borne parasitic disease called bilharzias.


The Women’s Empowerment program is another way SHARE helps Africa. That program creates opportunities for women who have been widowed by AIDS and the groups of women who care for children orphaned because of AIDS. For example, SHARE donated a solar oven to a group of widows, enabling the women to create a baking business to help sustain them. Before getting the oven, the women had to spend the day gathering wood so they could cook.

Through SHARE’s many programs and initiatives, the people affected by AIDS and other devastating illnesses in African regions are learning to care for themselves. SHARE’s goals could not be carried out without sponsors such as Amir Landsman and volunteers who take their time to go to Africa to train and educate its people.


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